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Owl Wrapped Up Like Burrito Goes Viral

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(Photo by Micah Walter/Getty Images)

(Photo by Micah Walter/Getty Images)

Hands down, this is the cutest thing you will see all day!

Pictures of a Northern saw-whet owl wrapped up like a burrito in a yellow blanket have taken the Internet by storm this week. The viral images come from the University of Minnesota Raptor Center. The pics of a little owl wrapped up like a burrito, smiling for the camera, and laying on a scale are spreading like a wildfire of cuteness. The yellow wrap is specially designed to help vets weigh wiggly owls.

Take a look at this adorable owl burrito!

Saw-whet owls are the smallest owls in Minnesota, and the little guys turn up at the Raptor Center after accidental run-ins with objects like windows. The photogenic little lady that has garnered the Ooo’s and Aww’s of the world was in for a broken pelvis. Good news is that she was all better after a couple weeks resting in a cage and a week of exercise.

Check out more pics of the adorable owl burrito by clicking HERE!

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