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Tony Zazza’s Accidental Underwear Pic

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Zazza-Personailty-Icon Tony Zazza
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Tony Zazza made a little mistake. A mistake many celebrities have made before. He put out a private photo of him self on his Social Media. Well, Tony was quick to remove his mistake so no one could see it. While that was the right move, Tony made another mistake by not deleting the photo and telling his co-workers about what happened.

Well, Julie Fisk snagged Tony’s phone while he was out of the studio and sent off a quick e-mail off to the web-department with the photo attached. So before you scroll down to see what Tony once stopped from being released to the masses, just remember, don’t ever let your co-workers know that you have embarrassing photos on your phone. Especially when they have a website to put that on. And they think this kind of thing is hilarious.

That being said…help us. Please share this. And Tony…We’re sorry. We’ll buy lunch.



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