$99 Fork Helps You Lose Weight

(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

One of the most talked about items found at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is… a fork?

The HAPIfork is not your average utensil. The star of the CES is a electronic bluetooth fork that monitors your eating, records data about your eating schedule, and comes with flashing lights and vibrations. The smart fork pairs with your smartphone or bluetooth-capable computer to report the data collected on your eating habits.

The science behind the high-tech fork is meant to help you lose weight and optimize your health by correcting your eating pace. The fork will flash lights and vibrate in your hand when it detects that you are shoveling food too fast.┬áThe only downside are the foods we eat with our hands. Good ol’ American classics like fried chicken, burgers, and pizza are generally consumed by hand, so the HAPIfork might miss out on collecting data on hand-held fast food.

The $99 HAPIfork is not yet available, but it should be released later this year. You can put it next to your Shakeweight, Thigh Master, Sauna Suit, and all the other ridiculous weight loss gadgets of yore. Better living through technology, indeed.


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