Stress-Busting Solutions For Everyday Problems

(Photo by Eli Meir Kaplan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Eli Meir Kaplan/Getty Images)

It’s the little things that annoy us the most. Whether it’s trying to squeeze toothpaste out of the tube or remembering which key goes to what door, these tiny annoyances raise our blood pressure and eat time out our day. Thank goodness for these annoyance-busting life hacks!

No Knots In Your Necklaces – Keep your necklaces from getting all tangled up by slipping one side into flexible straw.

The Key to Keys – Use nail polish to keep your keys straight. Paint the top of each key a different color, and then paint a drop of the corresponding color on the lock the key belongs to.

Better Than Twist Ties – Cut the tops off old water bottles, slip the top of the bag through the bottom of the bottle neck, flip the bag over the bottle neck, and screw on the lid to the bottle. Your bread, chips, and crackers will thank you.

Stack Your Six Pack – Make more room in your refrigerator by turning bottles and can on their sides. You can use a binder clip on the fridge tray to hold them in place.

Bag Keeper Box – Use an empty kleenex box as a bag keeper/dispenser.

Better Bagel Lunch Box – Keep your bagel sandwich in line by using an empty cd spindle case as a lunch box. Just place the spindle through the middle of the bagel to keep your sandwich all together.

Dry Finger Oreo Dunking – Dunk your Oreos without getting your fingers wet. Put a fork in the creamy part of the cookie sandwich to dunk the whole cookie in your milk without getting your fingers wet.

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