Real Life Sleeping Beauty Sleeps 64 Days

A Pennsylvania teenager can’t stop sleeping.

17-year-old, Nicole Delien, is affected by a rare sleep disorder called Kleine-Levine, also known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, which only seen in an estimated 1,000 people world-wide. Her longest sleeping episode to date is 64 straight days from Thanksgiving into January.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Delien will wake for small periods during the sleeping episodes to eat and go to the bathroom, but the episodes can be described more as sleep walking than actually being awake.

“Affected individuals may go for a period of weeks, months or even years without experiencing any symptoms, and then they reappear with little warning” the Kleine-Levin Syndrome Foundation website states.

Along with lots of sleeping, symptoms include disorientation, hallucination, child-like behaviour, binge-eating and periods of hyper-sexuality when awake.

Though medicine does help the frequency of the episodes, Delien says she has missed out on a lot of life due to her illness, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays and a trip to Disney World.

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