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Texting Numbers Drop For First Time

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146942669 Texting Numbers Drop For First Time

(Photo credit ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/GettyImages)

America loves to text.  Like a lot.  We love to text while driving, eating and doing other personal things we don’t need to mention.   But according to a study, we are starting to wain on love for the digital conversation.

For the first time the American wireless market saw a decline in the total number of text messages seat each month by each costumer.   That drop, an astounding 18 texts a month per customer.  Over an entire quarter texts dropped from 696 a month per user to 678 a month.

Chetan Sharma, the independent mobile analyst who reported the study can not say what the reasoning is to the decline, or even if it will continue, but he does note that the increased use of Facebook messenger and iMessage might be contributing factors.

How many texts do you send a month?

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