Ronald McDonald Arrested At McDonald’s Restaurant

130164381 Ronald McDonald Arrested At McDonalds Restaurant


Ronald McDonald was arrested inside a McDonald’s restaurant for violating his restraining order.

No not the lovable clown McDonald’s mascot. This Is Kent is reporting that this Ronald McDonald is a 50-year-old Englishman who violated a restraining order filed by his wife when he followed her inside a McDonald’s restaurant.

The restraining order was filed against McDonald in September after he assaulted his wife and another woman.

McDonald admitted to violating the order by entering the restaurant, and by texting his wife.

“He regrets the incident,” Will Bodiam, McDonald’s lawyer said. “The defendant takes responsibility for the breach. He said to me he is totally remorseful about the whole situation.”

McDonald was sentenced to an 86-day suspended sentence.

Looks like the Hamburglar might finally have a cellmate.


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