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Leigh Ann’s Daughter Really Wants To See Justin Bieber Too

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Leigh Ann is sure she’s not the only one who’s daughter is dying to go to the Justin Bieber concert Monday night at the American Airlines Center, and is having a hard time getting tickets.

Here is the letter that Hailey wrote to Justin Bieber to try and help.

img 0023 Leigh Anns Daughter Really Wants To See Justin Bieber Too

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In case you have a hard time reading it, here is what the letter says:

Dear Justin Bieber

I am you #1 fan, and I been trying so hard to get tickets, but I just can’t. I was wondering if you could get me just 2 tickets to see u.

You don’t have to but if you could that would be greate. I love u so much and my b-day is coming up and you could come.

I will give you my tooth fairy money. Maby if u could can you get me back sage passes. I <3 you. My mail address is….I hope you can.

Love your #1 Fan,


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