School Tracks Student Locations Using ID Chip

153595270 School Tracks Student Locations Using ID Chip


A new Student Locator Project, which started beginning in October at a San Antonio high school and middle school, tracks student whereabouts using embedded RFID chips on student ID badges. The program could spread to as many as 112 schools by next year.

WND is reporting that these chips broadcast a constant signal so they can track students’ exact location on school grounds. The chip is so accurate it can tell whether the student is at their desk, in the office, or using the bathroom.

As you would imagine not all parents and students are excited about the new program, some have even refused to wear the badges. The ID badges are required to perform ordinary student functions like check books from the library, use the cafeteria or even voting for homecoming king and queen.

“I had a teacher tell me I would not be allowed to vote because I did not have the proper voter ID,” one student told WND. “I had my old student ID card which they originally told us would be good for the entire four years we were in school. He said I needed the new ID with the chip in order to vote.”

The district implemented the system, which cost about $525,000 initially and $136,000 a year to operate, to improve safety and keep track of high truancy rates.

What do you think, does this new system go to far? Let us know in the comments below.

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