Your Cell Phone May Be Causing Tech Neck

73943152 Your Cell Phone May Be Causing Tech Neck


Today’s high tech devices sure have made life easier, but are they good for your health? Neck injuries are on the rise around the country, and most doctors point to our mobile devices.

WFAA is reporting that “tech neck ” is on the rise. “What happens is, all the muscles in the front of the neck become short and tight,” explained Dr. Jeff Manning, a chiropractor at the Manning Wellness Clinic in Dallas. “The ones in the back become stretched out and also tight. You start to get pressure on the discs, and ultimately pressure on the nerves in the neck from the postural changes.”

Graduate student and “tech neck” sufferer, Patrica Granowski told WFAA, “I’d catch myself doing this, even when I wasn’t doing anything, and then the pain gets so severe down here and to my rhomboid. I can feel it in my hips.”

According to doctors hunching over electronic devices actually changes the spine. “Over time, the curve straightens out and reverses when you’re constantly looking down,” Dr. Manning said. “That can cause a lot of pain.”

The solution is easy. Keep your head up while using your electronic devices. This may also do wonders for your confidence.

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