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The World Bacon Shortage Is Not Happening

103421904 The World Bacon Shortage Is Not Happening

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Early this week we told you about the horrific possibility of a world bacon shortage.  It seems that the information on that press release might have been slightly exaggerated.  The press release came out from a foreign trade association.  And the real point of the press release was to boost the idea for consumers to be okay with paying more for bacon, not that there would be less of it.

The real problem is that there is a major corn shortage around the world.  Because of droughts this year there was significantly less corn.  And corn is used a lot.   A ton of foods have corn as a major contributor to them, but the biggest impact is that corn is the main ingredient in feed.

When there is a feed shortage, pig farms can’t raise as many pigs to the size they need before they make them into bacon.   Thus the “bacon shortage” is actually an increase in bacon prices because of an increase in corn prices.  So don’t worry, you’ll still be able to put bacon on everything, the way it should be.

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