Beautiful Women Can’t Be Funny

1526649311 Beautiful Women Cant Be Funny

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An entertainment blogger, Nikki Fine, had an interesting take on comedy and the attractiveness of funny people, women in particular.  Finke was ‘Live Blogging’ the Emmy Awards on Sunday night on her blog for  During her live blogging she was not happy that Julie Bowen won best supporting actress in a comedy series.

Finke had this to say:

“Listen-up, Hollywood: Beautiful actresses are not funny. They don’t know how to do comedy. Only women who grew up ugly and stayed ugly, or through plastic surgery became beautiful, can pull off sitcoms or standups. Bowen isn’t a comedienne just like Brooke Shields wasn’t and a zillion more. Because it’s all about emotional pain and humiliation and rising above both by making people laugh with you instead of at you. So stop casting beautiful actresses when you should be giving ugly women a chance.”

We’re just throwing this out there, but Modern Family is a pretty funny show, with quite a funny list of attractive female cast members. Here is a group photo:

152668328 Beautiful Women Cant Be Funny

(Photo credit JOE KLAMAR/AFP/GettyImages)

But if you think there is not enough funny in Hollywood like Finke, there might be a few more examples that would be considered the exception to Finke’s rule.

Amy Pohler – SNL, Parks & Recreation:

152658052 Beautiful Women Cant Be Funny

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Tina Fey – SNL, 30 Rock:

152687555 Beautiful Women Cant Be Funny

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

You want some actresses that aren’t experienced sketch/improvisational actors? Okay.

Christina Applegate – Up All Night:

146231288 Beautiful Women Cant Be Funny

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Portia de Rossi – Arrested Development:

143233190 Beautiful Women Cant Be Funny

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Cheryl Hines – Suburgatory:

149923758 Beautiful Women Cant Be Funny

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Tired of TV stars? Here are a few really funny, beautiful Movie stars Hollywood has, according to Finke, wrongfully employed.

Elizabeth Banks:

147173947 Beautiful Women Cant Be Funny

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Kristen Bell:

150496585 Beautiful Women Cant Be Funny

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

That seems to be a few too many exceptions for the rule of one blogger. But just in case, here is a photo gallery of even more women who shouldn’t be cast in funny roles, because you can’t be funny AND attractive.


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