Mark Cuban Talks “Shark Tank” And Mavericks Gangnam Style

136139076 Mark Cuban Talks Shark Tank And Mavericks Gangnam Style

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

If there is one thing Mark Cuban knows how to do very well, it’s make investments. As one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Cuban looks for potential business opportunities with entrepreneurs and inventors.

When asked what one of his best investments on the show was, Cuban said it was Kisstixx. Kisstixx are 2 complementary flavors of lip balm, like strawberry and banana. When the two flavors come together for a kiss, they cause a spark. Cuban says Kisstixx will be a big hit at Valentine’s Day.

Cuban says he’s very excited about the Mavs new season. Rookie Bernard James might be a little old to be a rookie at 27, but he’ll be an asset on the court. James went on two tours of duty with the Air Force before joining the Mavs for his rookie season.

Something fun Mavs fans can look forward to is the Mavericks’ “Gangnam Style” parody. The Mavs have taken the Korean dance sensation and turned it in to “Whoop’em Mavericks Style!” Look for that during the Mavericks games this season! Pre-season tickets are on sale now at


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