Plano Kills Plan For Controversial Recycling Campaign

88789431 Plano Kills Plan For Controversial Recycling Campaign

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One of the oldest sayings in advertising is sex sells, and Plano wanted to find out if it would encourage recycling. However, thanks to the Plano City Council, we may never know if it can.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that a proposed advertising campaign by the city of Plano was going to use sex to try an boost the number of residents that participate in the cities recycling services. Over the past five years, Plano’s recycling rate has remained steady at around 25%. In June, the city received a grant form the North Central Texas Council of Governments to try and improve that rate. Plano decided to go with a “bold and memorable” campaign, according to a memo from Sustainability and Environmental Services Director Nancy Nevil.

The plans called for including a flyer with resident’s electric bill that said, “Do it in every room.”

“We feel like we need this type of campaign in order to increase our recycling — to get people talking about this and to generate some buzz,” Nevil told the council Monday night. “We know that this is very different from Plano’s usual, more sophisticated approach. People are so inundated with messaging that you really have to do something that is going to get their attention.”

Though the idea did cause the City Council to giggle, they decided it went to far. “I get the tongue-in-cheek part of it, but I just can’t go with this one,” Mayor Phil Dyer said. “I am really sorry.”

City Manager Bruce Glasscock agreed, “I think we need to go back to the drawing board.”

What do you think, did the recycling campaign go to far, or is the Plano City Council too up tight? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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