Coming Soon To Seattle’s Best: Bacon-Flavored Coffee


885252 001 Coming Soon To Seattles Best: Bacon Flavored Coffee

Ian Logan/Getty Images

is reporting that Seattle’s Best coffeehouse will soon be featuring bacon-flavored coffee.

Seattle’s Best came up with the idea to serve the concoction at the “Red Cup Showdown.” Winner, Eileen Gannon winning recipe combines Seattle’s Best Level 5 coffee with caramelized bacon and hints of pumpkin pie spice.

On top of seeing her drink served at Seattle’s Best coffeehouses nationwide, Gannon received a $10,000 prize.

“We wanted to see how Seattle’s Best Coffee could be reinvented,” said Next Food Network Star and judge Jeff Mauro. “Eileen Gannon really turned coffee on its head with an amazing combination.”

What do you think about bacon infused coffee?

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