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“Cosmopolis” stars Robert Pattinson as a young entrepreneur who loses his multi-billion dollar fortune in one day. It is the latest from Director David Cronenberg, who is known for strange movies like “The Fly” and even stranger films like “Naked Lunch” and “Crash.” He really lets his freak-flag-fly with “Cosmopolis” though.

We follow a young mogul, Eric Packer played by Robert Pattinson, as he drives around Manhattan in his limousine. He’s trying to get across town for a haircut, but people keep hopping into his limo for dream-like conversations about money and technology. Life outside the limo appears to crumble into chaos but the plot isn’t really the point of this movie. Honestly, I’m not sure WHAT the point of this movie is. “Comopolis” is based on the popular novel by Don DeLillo, and the story translates better in print than it does on film. I’m not going to lie to you. “Cosmopolis” is NOT for everyone. If you’ve ever watched a Cronenberg film in the past & thought “Well, that was a gigantic waste of time,” then this simply is NOT your movie.

If you like films that challenge the traditional idea of a movie-going-experience, you might enjoy it. Once I got in synch with the dialogue and got over Pattinson’s flat, lifeless delivery, I liked it. I even laughed out loud a few times, especially when Paul Giamatti showed up to assassinate Packer, and that’s why I’m giving “Cosmopolis” a B-. WARNING: Robert Pattinson fans should NOT go expecting to see the dreamy vampire, Edward Cullen. The limousine prostate exam scene in particular will cure you of that crush immediately. .


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