Little Boy Devastated That He’s Not A “Single Lady”

Car ride sing-a-longs are all the rage right now on Youtube, but this car-e-oke session goes sour when Dad brings down the vibe.

As the opening lines of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” get the back seat grooving, the dad notices that his 3-year old son is singing along with the song and his two sisters. He points out that the little boy isn’t a single lady, and the boy doesn’t take the news very well. As tears work their way to the surface, the parents quickly recant, but to no avail. The dad also gets a glare from the daughter in the middle seat for disrupting the vibe of the car ride sing-a-long.

The moral of the story: Let the kids sing along with the song… even if they aren’t single ladies.


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