Lite’s Review Room – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Never Getting Back Together

What can be said by Taylor Swift that hasn’t been said before?  OK, we won’t mention her love life.  The incredibly talented and real superstar has a new song out (“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”), and her new album, “Red,” drops on October 22nd.  Taylor tells the story of being in the recording studio when an old boyfriend shows up, hoping to get back together.  She literally said out loud the words that became the title of her new single.  And then she picked up the guitar and wrote the song in 25 minutes.

It’s the #1 downloaded song this week.  And if you listen closely, it’s a pop song first, and a country song second.  It’s almost as if they took the pop version and tried to “country it up” for country radio and fans, instead of the other way around.  Either way it’s a smash.




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