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Tony Zazza’s Top 5 Dream Destinations

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Zazza-Personailty-Icon Tony Zazza
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As the Summer is winding down we started thinking about all the places we didn’t get to go this year. So while we’re thinking about it we decided to find out where our on-air personalities would most like to go.


Up until 2009, I had not traveled much outside of the 48, with the exception of a trip to Cancun. Since then I have spread my wings a little more and this list includes some locations I have been to and would love to return and ones that I dream of one day exploring. To give you some insight, I am very much a sand guy and not so much a snow guy. I do love mountains and snow, but I would much rather wear less clothing and soak up some sun in the sand!

1. Sydney, Australia- There are a number of reasons for this pick. The list includes I love Aussie accents. There are plenty of beaches and the culture seems very fun and free-spirited. I am actually working on trying to make this happen in 2013 with miles. Knowing the price of airline tickets to get to the “Land Down Under” the only way I see making it possible is if I do it with miles. Hope to make that happen to explore all it’s beauty. That and to see what all the hype is about shrimps on the barbie!

142154652 Tony Zazzas Top 5 Dream Destinations

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

2. Italy- Being that my family came over from Italy it would only seem natural for me to visit. Not to mention I am very much attracted to the history throughout Italy. I visited Spain in 2009 and was taken aback by all of the buildings and castles and learning the stories of history and thinking of the events that took place where I was standing. I think this would be much the same in Italy. I would want to visit Genoa, where my family is from. I would also want to visit Rome, but then it would be to the coast to take in the beach scene after that. I told you, it’s all about a beach for me. :-)

136142385 Tony Zazzas Top 5 Dream Destinations

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

3. St. Maarten- Again, back to the beach concept. I  love tropical locations and I am also very obsessed with airplanes. St. Maarten has a runway, famous to plane enthusiasts that is literally feet from the beach and many times you can catch jump jets like 747’s coming in on approach just feet above those laying out on the beach. This would be amazing to see in person and I would imagine some what of a thrill as well.

medwt24041 Tony Zazzas Top 5 Dream Destinations

Medioimages/Photodisc/Getty Images

4. La Jolla, CA- I am a San Diego native and absolutely love going back home for vacations. There is something very special about the Pacific Ocean. Her and I have a very close bond and anytime I can I try to get back to take in the sea air and walk the sands and as the sun sets. La Jolla is absolutely gorgeous. They have amazing cliffs and sea lion beach. The scenery is something special and this is always a consideration when planning vacations.

137909582 Tony Zazzas Top 5 Dream Destinations

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

5. Hawaii- I traveled to Hawaii for the first time in 2010 and absolutely LOVED it. I had never been so the inaugural trip was to Oahu. I stayed on the beach up the coast from Honolulu and absolutely fell in love. I was able to enjoy it’s beauty without the tourism, but still drive into the city and take it all in. Not to mention I am a foodie and my Portuguese side of the family came to the Big Island on a boat from Portugal three generations back so there is a lot of family heritage there as well.

102152377 Tony Zazzas Top 5 Dream Destinations

(Photo credit PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images)

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