Send Mosquitos Scooting With These Bug Repellant Tips

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Photo by Renaud Visage/Getty Images

The mosquitos have been super active this season with the lack of a freeze in the winter. The news of West Nile cases on the rise is nigh inescapable. How can you protect yourself and your family from getting bitten?

First of all, check your property for any standing water that could mosquitos can use to breed. Clear out pet dishes, bird baths, and potted plants dishes that collect water. Make sure that water in your property properly drains away.

Secondly, wear long pants and shirts light enough to keep you cool but will keep your skin covered. Tuck your pants into your socks to keep mosquitos from attacking underneath. Yes, it’s not fashionable but neither is contracting West Nile.

Third, stock up on bug repellant containing DEET. It’s the most effective at discouraging those winged pests from taking a bite of you and your family. Stock up on lotions and sprays that will keep you protected if you’re moving around. Belt clips, fans, and citronella candles are good items to help keep an area protected, but you’ll still want to spray yourself.

Local columnist Tim Tune has some more great tips on mosquito repellants that work.


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