Pentatonix Cover Of ‘Payphone’ Rivals Maroon 5 Original

140023743 Pentatonix Cover Of Payphone Rivals Maroon 5 Original

(Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)

We loved Maroon 5‘s newest single ‘Payphone’ the first time we heard it. It is catchy, smooth and Adam Levine hits those high ranges we love. So when our favorite a cappella group Pentatonix decided to cover the song we got really excited.

The Arlington based group won ‘The Sing Off’ in its final season and just released their first EP. We’ll just allow you to enjoy their latest vocal only (yes this is done with just their voices and mouths!) performance.

Here is the original song from Maroon 5 when they performed ‘Live on Letterman.’


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