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Julie DeHarty’s Top 10 Summer Movies

131937864 Julie DeHartys Top 10 Summer Movies
We’re not sure about you, but we know there are few things better than spending a hot summer night with some ice cream and a good movie. So we asked our on-air personalities to give us their favorite movies to take in during these hot summer days.

Julie DeHarty’s Top 10 Summer Movies:

For me it’s whatever they assorted movie channels are running. I have not gone to an actual movie theater since GI Joe a few years ago. There are a few re-runs I Love and they would beeee. Drum roll Please!

10. – Taladega Nights (If you’re not first you’re Last!)

9. – Joe Dirt ( Life’s a Garden, Dig It!)

8T. – Tombstone (I’ll be your Huckleberry)

Best roll EVER for Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell is a whole bunch of HOT!

8T. – Pale Rider

Still Love this movie and no one kicks booty like Clint Eastwood

With that said Let’s go ahead and throw in…

7, 6, & 5. – Outlaw Josey Wales, Heartbreak Ridge, and Million Dollar Baby.

4. – How to Lose a Guy in 10 days

How can you go wrong with Mathew McCoaghnahey, Kate Hudson and a Love Fern

3. – Almost Famous (Your Mom is freaking me out! It’s all Happening!)

2. – The Devil wears Prada (Let’s take a chance and hire the smart fat girl)

1. – Grease – is the word and I Love anything John Travolta!

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