Josh Groban, Sara Bareilles Tweet Their Excitement Over Mars Landing

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149880155 Josh Groban, Sara Bareilles Tweet Their Excitement Over Mars Landing

(Photo credit ROBYN BECK/AFP/GettyImages)

America did it! No, we’re not talking about the Olympics we’re talking about landing the spacecraft Curiosity on Mars. Now NASA hopes their two-year pioneering mission will lead to signs that life exists on a planet other than Earth. 

With all the excitement, celebs took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Sara Bareilles assured us everything would be okay.

Richard Marx hopes he can benefit from finding new life on Mars. came up with a pretty apropos name for the first photo from the red planet.

While Josh Groban proved why he might not be the best candidate for space travel.

He also revealed an interesting fact about the “Mohawk guy,” who’s making as many headlines as the landing itself.

And Harold and Kumar’s Kal Penn tweeted what we’re all thinking.

-Shannon Carlin, CBS Local

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