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Woman Assaulted With A Giant Green Tomato

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93503802 Woman Assaulted With A Giant Green Tomato

Harrison Eastwood/Getty Images

An argument between neighbors escalated into assault with giant green tomatoes.

Norma Ricker, 71, and her husband, Walter, share part of their garden with their neighbor, 28-year-old Rachel Price. “I thought the world of her. I would have given her the shirt off my back. Not now I wouldn’t,” Ricker said.

Ricker told the Greene County Sheriff’s Department she was tending her crops Friday afternoon when she was approached by Price and they got into an argument, which became physical with green tomatoes being thrown. “She reached down, got a big one and slapped me upside the jaw with it,”

Ricker told WCYB that Price hit her on the arm with a tobacco stick causing minor injuries. “She got a tomato vine, yanked it up and starting swinging it around, over her head as hard as she could,” Ricker explained. “She had her face puckered up. I’ve never seen someone look so mad. I told her she looked like the devil.”

Price contends that Ricker hit her with the wooden stake used to hold the tomato plants, which the older woman denies (“she hit herself,” Ricker says). Both women filed police complaints, and Ricker might press charges.

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