Jon McLaughlin Falls In (And Out of) Love with Sara Bareilles in New Video

jon mclaughlin4 leann mueller 300dpi Jon McLaughlin Falls In (And Out of) Love with Sara Bareilles in New Video

(Courtesy of Leann Mueller)

On “Summer Is Over,” Jon McLaughlin sings about the pitfalls of seasonal love amidst scenes of him and Sara Bareilles frolicking on the beach, driving with the top down and picnicking with their bulldog. It all seems a bit too good to be true and unfortunately it is. Once September rolls around, the two go their separate ways. But not without heading out to the countryside to play piano side-by-side.

The “summer fun scenes,” as McLaughlin sweetly refers to them, were shot in Los Angeles, while the duo headed outside of the city to film the rest. 

Though McLaughlin doesn’t know exactly where they actually shot the video, he says it was a long drive to get to the location. He also told CBS Local that the compound might look familiar to people. Specifically all those movie buffs out there.

“The tree, that beautiful tree that’s in the video has been in a lot of stuff,” he said. “I think it’s like the Skittles tree that’s in the commercial. I think it’s The Lovely Bones tree. The tree’s like a million years old, so it’s probably in some silent films as well.”

McLaughlin even joked, “It’s a very famous tree. Like the most famous thing in the video is the tree.”

For all the beauty on camera, McLaughlin says there was a lot of things going on behind the scenes that might surprise viewers, specifically the grazing cattle and his very wet piano.

The crew couldn’t figure out what color they wanted McLaughlin’s piano to be and ended up leaving the decision to the last minute.

“We were literally painting them like the day of, so like my piano, which we ended up painting black, is wet paint,” he said. “I’m like touching the keys, but if I was like to touch any part of it, it would mean black hands.”

Luckily, McLaughlin’s hands stayed clean throughout the whole shoot.

His bittersweet duet with Sara B is featured on his latest album, Promising Promises.

 –Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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