Dallas Woman Owes Nearly $180,000 To NTTA

146251020 Dallas Woman Owes Nearly $180,000 To NTTA

Stefano Salvetti/Getty Images

Dallas woman, Amber Young, owes the North Texas Tollway Authority $179,596.43. She has sped through the toll booths 8,366 times without making a single payment.

However she is not alone twenty-two drivers owe more than $100,000 in unpaid tolls and penalties. The NTTA said last year about 3 percent of users were dodging about $13 million in tolls, and that a previous drive to publish the names of the worst offenders brought out more response than any other tactic.

NTTA drew its list by taking photos of license plates when a vehicle runs through its electronic toll gates without a valid transponder, then matches the plate to the registered owner of the vehicle. t also warns that the offenders on the list run the risk of a criminal citation, and the NTTA now says it will start pursuing the worst offenders in civil court as well.

However the system isn’t perfect, Two years ago, a Fort Worth woman spent a day in jail because of a NTTA fine she didn’t know about that had grown into a bench warrant for a missed court date.

But lets all hope that Ms. Young finally decides to settle up her debt.

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