Steve Kemble’s Iron-Cooked Bacon Experiment

northeast 20120706 03737 Steve Kembles Iron Cooked Bacon Experiment

Photo courtesy of Steve Kemble

America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, Steve Kemble, is currently spending the month of July at the Hilton Anatole, and he was struck with a craving for bacon. Hotel rooms aren’t known for having a skillet and stove on hand, so he used what was handy: an iron.

While this might not be recommended for your next stay in a hotel, the fearless Steve Kemble persevered in feeding his hankering for yummy bacon. He grabbed two sheets of foil to put the bacon on and folded it over. After the iron heated up, he pressed the iron to the foil to cook the bacon. The entire floor of the Anatole smelled like bacon.

The result: fabulous! As it turns out, you can cook bacon with an iron!


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