A Deodorizer To Save You From Gaseous Troubles

78810082 A Deodorizer To Save You From Gaseous Troubles

Photo by Fuse/Getty Images

Thanks to a new invention, you can now take the evil out of the feared “Silent But Deadly.”┬áIt’s the new Flat-D Flatulence Deodorizer Disposable Underpad. While it may not mask the sound, you won’t be embarrassed by the smell any longer.

It’s a pad meant to be worn on your undergarments to hide the unfortunate smell of embarrassing bodily functions. It’s offered by Colonial Medical, a website for medical devices.

For men or women, the pad can be worn on most undergarments including ladies hosiery. The only exception is for guys who prefer boxers. The 10-pack of disposable pads will make the perfect gift for that one uncle… you know, “Gassy Gus.”


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