The Celebrity Rehab Prediction Formula

147326309 The Celebrity Rehab Prediction Formula

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Ever wonder if your favorite star might be in the news soon with tales of one abuse or the other? Will Lindsay Lohan end up at Betty Ford again? How many times can we expect Miley Cyrus to end up in rehab? Well question no more. Garth Sundem, author of “Brain Trust” developed a very complicated equation to answer such questions about our favorite celebs.

Using variables common in visiting rehab centers, Sundem put together a list of the predictable visits to rehab and how many trips the celeb has actually been in rehab.

The four variables he uses are:

1) Star’s age when her or his IMDB page was created.

2) Number of Google image results, within first 10, showing star with Lindsay Lohan when both names are searched.

3) Number of visible tattoos within first 10 Google image results.

4) Parents’ marital status when star reached the age of 10.

With the formula finds who we should be watching out for and who seems to already be exceeding expectations.

Here are some of the predictions and the overall current entries into rehab for some of the biggest stars.

Celebrity Predicted Rehab Visits Current Rehab Visits
Aaron Carter 2 1
Corey Haim 2 15
Demi Lovato 1 1
Drew Barrymore 1 2
Emma Roberts 0 0
Kelly Osbourne 2 3
Kirsten Dunst 1 1
Kristen Stewart 0 0
Lindsay Lohan 3 5
Mary Kate Olsen 2 1
Miley Cyrus 0 0
Nick Carter 2 1
Nick Jonas 0 0
Nicole Richie 4 2
Rihanna 0 0
Selena Gomez 1 0
Tara Reid 1 1
Taylor Swift 0 0

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