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Anti-Cheating Ring Leaves A Mark

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917977651 Anti Cheating Ring Leaves A Mark

Photo by Bernard Jaubert/Getty Images

It’s the wedding ring that Tiger Woods should have had. A titanium band that leaves a “married” brand. No matter if the ring is there or not, this ring lets every one else know that you’re married.

Cheating spouses beware. TheCheeky.com has made a wedding ring that makes sure the message “I’m married” gets across, ring or no ring.

It’s a titanium band with negative engraving on the inside of the band. On the outside, it’s a plain simple band. However, when the wearer takes the ring off. The words “I’m married” show up in relief where the ring left an impression. The message makes sure that slipping the ring off is not an option.

TheCheeky.com created the ring, and offers it on their website for $550. It has a life time guarantee, so that ring stays on “til death do you part.”

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