10 Crazy Things People Registered For

81938151 10 Crazy Things People Registered For

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The wedding registry.  A time when a young couple can dream big and ask for what they really want.  Need a new vacuum?  Put down the Dyson.  You never know if your out of favor Uncle might try to buy you back into his good graces.  Your dream china from that super chic shop?  Go for it, because you might just get it.

Well those bigger or extravagant items might not always show up on the gift table, but at least you tried.  These next 10 items, we’re not really sure why anyone would put these as something they want for a wedding gift.  But then again, they say to put everything you ‘want’ on there.

PediPaws.  Yes.  Nail clippers for dogs.

A Bike.  Not a two-seater either.

Deck of Uno Playing Cards.  It is a fun game.

Shake Weight. You don’t want to fall into those ‘comfortable’ weight post wedding.

Diapers.  And they don’t have kids.

Glassware for 50.  50 of each: wine, margarita, martini, champagne, beer and highball glasses.

A Chi flatiron. We would hope they had one for the wedding day. 

A Volleyball Net Set. We thought they lived in an apartment.

Frozen Pizza. Planning ahead
What is the worst thing you’ve ever seen on a wedding registry?

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