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What Would You Rather Lose While Traveling: Ring Or Phone?

Most Would Rather Lose Wedding Rings Than Cell Phones While On Vacation
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Leigh-Ann-Personality-Icon Leigh Ann Adam
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98564891 What Would You Rather Lose While Traveling: Ring Or Phone?

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Traveling can be as stressful as it is relaxing.  When you lose something when you travel it can really take any enjoyment out of your trip.   According to a survey from Intel and TNS, more people would rather lose wedding rings than portable electronic devices like cell phones, lap tops and tablets.

44 percent of Americans admitted to feeling anxious when traveling with out digital devices.  87 percent of young adults (18-29) feel happier when traveling with said devices.  77 percent to 55 percent ranked losing their digital devices as more stressful than losing their wedding ring.

Where do you stand on the list?  Would you feel better losing a wedding ring or your laptop/cell phone/tablet while abroad.


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