The Brands You Buy And What They Say About Your Political Affiliation

82659606 The Brands You Buy And What They Say About Your Political Affiliation

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Democrats and Republicans often clash over political ideology, but it also seems they can’t agree on what popular brands to buy. According to a new report that recently appeared in the LA Times, Reps and Dems tend to prefer different restaurants, cars, insurance, and television channels. What do the brands you prefer say about you?

Brand consulting company, Buyology Inc, recently surveyed 4,000 people about the brands they use and what political party they associate themselves with. The results showed that the parties differed on most of the 200 brands mentioned in the report.

Republicans prefer to drive BMWs and insure their vehicles with Allstate. GOPs also prefer the History Channel, Subway, MLB, Dunkin’ Donuts, and XBOX.

On the other hand, Democrats drive Jeeps and drink Starbucks. Animal Planet, Wendy’s, NFL, and Wii were also named as preferences for Democrats.

Despite the differences, both parties did have a few things they agreed on. Coca-Cola is agreed upon as being the best drink, Olay for beauty brands, Visa is the favorite financial service, Google is the preferred Internet brand, and both favor Apple for technology.


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