Matchbox Twenty Talk “She’s So Mean” Lyrics – Not About Rob’s Wife

Matchbox Twenty are back with a new album North in September and a new single “She’s So Mean” that premieres on radio today (6/11/12). Frontman Rob Thomas took some time out to talk to Alice@97.3/San Francisco about the origin behind “She’s So Mean” – which is NOT about Rob’s wife.

“She’s So Mean” Lyrics: I know a girl / She gets she wants all the time / Cuz she’s fine /But for an angel she’s a hot hot mess / make you so blind / but you don’t mind

“I want to put out the disclaimer that this is not about my wife. In any way what so ever.” Rob said, “These are about all the bad decisions that let me to realize that my wife is great.”

Now that Rob’s wife, model Marisol Maldonado, was off the hook for being the song’s “mean girl”, Thomas went on to tell how they came up with the content for the song.

Thomas explained, “We started sitting down and talking about when we were single. And everybody had that one girl that no matter how horrible she was you – you just kept coming back and coming back and coming back.”

North, the first new record from Matchbox Twenty in about a decade, drops on September 4th. Details at

– Bradford Hornsby, Alice@97.3/San Francisco


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