Phillip Phillips On Idol Win: “I Feel So Blessed To Have This All Happen”

Fresh off his American Idol win, Phillip Phillips found a few moments to call into Mix 104.1/Boston and discussed life after Idol.

Phillips expressed being grateful after his first single “Home” sold more downloads than any other Idol‘s debut song.

“It’s crazy, I feel so blessed to have this all happen,” Phillips said. “I’m so glad people connected with the song.”

He agreed that “Home” has a distinct Mumford and Sons vibe, but expressed that his album will sound different.

“I’m ready to get my own stuff out there as well,” Phillips said. “It’s gonna be a little more rock, so I’m excited.”

As to when we should expect the first album, Phillips anticipates it will be ready in November of 2012.

“I don’t really just strum chords, I can’t really do that. It was hard for me to do that with John Fogerty,” he said. “I like doing stuff different on the guitar. Playing open tunings or playing licks while I’m singing.”

As for his health Phillips said he’s doing okay.

“I’m surviving, I’m still alive right now,” Phillips said.

The Idol winner doesn’t think that his surgery schedule should affect the American Idol tour, saying he will be 100% by the time the tour kicks off. Having undergone kidney surgery yesterday a rep confirmed that it went well and Phillips will be resting until the tour begins July 6 in Detroit.

– Tim Staskiewicz Mix 104.1/Boston


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