Dallas And Fort Worth Both Land Near Top Of Most Spoiled Kids

In an info graph that details the results of a study on how spoiled kids are around the country, Dallas and Fort Worth separately made the top 12 for most spoiled.

The Bundle.com infograph shows the US Average of amount parents spend on their kids per household and where the top major cities fall. Dallas ranks 6th for most money spent on kids per household and Fort Worth falls in close behind that at 11th.

Manhattan kids spoil their kids more than any other city spending 90% above the national average on their kids each year. Dallas parents are spending 24% above the National average and Fort Worth squeaked over the average by 2%.

Madison WI was listed last on the infogrpah with parents spending 54% less than the national average on their parents. Apparently kids in Madison don’t ever need new toys.

bundlecom spoiled children infographic1 Dallas And Fort Worth Both Land Near Top Of Most Spoiled Kids
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