Kennedale Woman Camps Out On Roof For Food Drive

Robin Evans is taking up residence on the top of a church roof until 50,000 pounds of food donations are raised for local pantries. The woman has been perched, with a tent, sleeping back and laptop, in the middle of the First United Methodist Church roof since early Friday Morning.

This is the third year Evans has taken to the roof to help various food pantries across Tarrant County. Evans says she picks June because that is when children are out of school and raising the food can help provide for the kids who rely on breakfast and lunch programs at school.

Evans stays on the roof for everything except bathroom breaks. That includes bath, which is a wet paper towel wipe down, washing her hair with a hose and having food hoisted to her via a rope and basket.

Last year it took Evans four days to reach her goal. This year she has almost completed the task, but she will not get down until 50,000 pounds of food have been donated.

All donations can be made at the First United Methodist Church at 229 W. Fourth St. in Kennedale.


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