Perot Museum Of Nature And Science Unveils Website

In case you’ve been wondering what that funny-looking grey cube next to Woodall Rogers is, your questions are about to be answered. It’s none other than the highly anticipated Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and yesterday, they just took a big step towards their January 2013 opening.

In a press conference held at the American Airlines Center, the logo for the Perot Museum was revealed and the website launched.

The logo is the Perot name, but the O is a globe surrounded by big red brackets. The object inside the brackets will change to suit a theme or promotion.

The website also launched yesterday. There you can learn about what you’ll find at the museum, it’s history, and take a sneak peak at exhibit halls. A neat feature is found at the bottom of the webpage. It’s a counter that measures the inches your mouse has travelled, how many pixels you’ve scrolled, and how many nanojoules you’ve burned as you wiggle your mouse over the page. Visit the website at

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science opens to the public in January 2013. Mark your calendars!


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