Amy Winehouse’s Home For Sale, Father Releases Memoir

First Elvis’ tomb gets put up for auction, now Amy Winehouse’s three-bedroom London home is on the market.

The late singer’s house, which became a shrine for fans after her death last July from alcohol poisoning, is up for sale with an asking price of 4.2 million dollars. The 2,500 square-foot-home is listed as having an “impressive master suite” along with a private front and rear garden.

A spokesman for the Winehouse family said even though the family loved the house, they wanted to sell it because it would be inappropriate for them to live there.

Though a representative for the listing agent said there has been a lot of interested in the space, they are looking to “weed out those who are genuinely interested from the people who are just being nosy.”

Luckily, nosy fans who are not interested in buying a new house can check out her father’s memoir, Amy, My Daughter. The book, due out June 26 in the U.S., gives an inside scoop on Winehouse’s rise and tragic fall.

All author proceeds from the book will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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