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Science Proves There Really Is An Old People Smell

Seems no matter how much you try to hide your age, people will be able to tell how old your are based on your smell.

Researchers have determined that there really is an old people smell. But there is also a young person smell and a middle-aged smell.

According to a study published in PLoS One the human body gives off a scent that will give away your age.

“This study shows you can’t fake it,” says study co-author Johan Lundstrom, an assistant professor at the Monell Chemical Senses Center and at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. “If you walk around a corner, you don’t have to look at someone to know they’re older; you can just sniff them out.”

The old people smell is not the pungent musty smell of moth balls. According to the study the older the person the less intense and more pleasant smelling they become.

Scientists have long known that our bodies give off scents that contain a variety of chemicals and that those chemicals can convey a lot of information. But they didn’t know whether body odor changed with age in an easily detectable way.

Some  advice for everyone who wants to look younger, wear perfume.

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