Houston Waiter Recieves $5,000 Tip

The service industry is hard. Waiting tables, tending bar, any of the many other jobs where you rely on tips for income is not easy. So imagine getting a tip for more than most people make in a month. That happened for Greg Rubar, a waiter at D’Amico’s Italian Market for 16 years, when a couple of regulars handed him a big tip.

The married couple, who have been coming to the restaurant for a while handed Rubar an envelope as they left.

“I told them thank you when they gave it to me, I knew it was money, but I didn’t know how much,” Rubar told WFAA. “Maybe like a half hour after they left I went in the bathroom and I opened it, and looked at it and I could tell it was $5,000 because it was still wrapped, it still had the band on it from the bank.”

The couple told the waiter to go by a car with the money when they handed it to him, knowing his was recently totaled during the thunderstorms in the Houston area.


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