Simon Cowell Dismisses Britney Spears Walk Off Claims

Reports have emerged around the internet, that new X Factor judge Britney Spears walked off the set midway through an audition.

Simon Cowell has now come to Spears defense, blaming the media for spreading false rumors.

The brains behind American Idol and X Factor recently unveiled singers Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as new additions to the show’s judging panel.

The audition stage is underway with tryouts in Austin, Texas last week. Reports have suggested that Spears first day on the job was a bit shaky. The pop star abruptly left the room after a contestant butchered her song Hold It Against Me.

Spears has since laughed the incident off saying she was just, “taking a little break.”

According to E!Online Cowell and Lovato have made fun of the situation claiming on the X Factor website joking that it was Lovato that walked off.

In the footage, Lovato adopts an English accent and says, “I was like, you know, tired of Simon, so I had to just, like, go.”

Cowell later told an interviewer, “There was no walking off. We have breaks every five or six songs. You can go have a cigarette, you can go to the loo (bathroom). So as soon as anyone left their chairs, it was reported … that someone had left the show — and they hadn’t!”


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