Bluebell’s Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream Is Two-Scoops Of Heaven

Who doesn’t love red velvet cake? Blue Bell Ice Cream has created a new ice cream flavor that tastes as magical as unicorns. It’s called Red Velvet Cake. Yes, your favorite cake and your favorite ice cream are now one in a sweet, sweet magical ice cream embrace.

While it’s true that others have attempted to put red velvet in their ice cream, but brand-loyal Bluebell fans can rejoice greatly as Red Velvet Cake has been added to the May rotation of seasonal flavors.

The Texas-based ice cream maker dropped pieces of red velvet cake in a cream cheese icing swirl to create a magical flavor explosion that is like your Aunt Sally Sue’s home-made red velvet cake… only in a frozen ice cream form.

This cool treat is one hot item right now, so you’ll want to run to your grocery store’s freezer section to get yours before it sell out!


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