How To Watch This Weekend’s Solar Eclipse

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The sun is seen partially covered by the

It’s been over 17 years since a solar eclipse has been visible in the United States. This Sunday we’ll be able to view an annular eclipse. But how do you take a look at the rare event.

The annular eclipse is similar to a total eclipse where the moon covers the sun, but in this case the moon is further from the earth and wont completely cover the sun.

In North Texas you wont be able to see the sun fully surrounding the moon because the sun will have set, but you will be able to see the start of the eclipse. 8:21pm will be the best time to catch the eclipse as the sun sets you’ll see 67% of the sun covered.

Just remember, don’t ever look directly into the sun with the naked eye during an eclipse (or for anytime for that matter. A #14 welder’s glass or a solar filter can be used instead.

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