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Judges Don’t Help Hollie In Quest For Top 3

Someone has to go home.  Those are just the facts.  And at this stage in the game really it could be anyone.  Hollie Cavangh is trying to get into the top 3 of American Idol.   To do that she’ll have to hope that America listened to her performances and not the judges.

As the Top 4 took the Idol stage last night to perform two songs, one from a California group and one they wished they wrote, no one knew which final contestant would not be bringing the Idol cameras home.  (The top 3 all will be filming a feature in their home towns this weekend for next weeks show)

McKinney’s Hollie Cavanagh started her two songs with Journey’s “Faithfully”.  She nailed it.  Knocked the medium tempo ballad out of the park.  Randy Jackson who was in Journey for a time praised it and said she “did [Steve Perry] proud”.


For her second song she chose Bonnie Ratt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”.  The powerful song was not a problem vocally for the young singer.  But the Judges didn’t think she picked the right song.  All three thought she would have done better to pick a song she connected with more.

The judges have no say in who stays and who goes, that is up to America.  We’ll see if America wants to see Hollie Cavanagh in the final 3 of American Idol.   The results show starts at 7pm on FOX.


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