The Beach Boys Take Over Fallon’s Late Night With Three Performances, Interview

On Monday night’s episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the reunited Beach Boys dominated the show, performing not just new single “That’s Why God Made The Radio” but also two classics, 1966’s “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and 1963’s “In My Room.”

Note that Fallon referred to “That’s Why God Made The Radio” as the title track from the Beach Boys’ upcoming album, the title of which had not been previously announced. Fallon also debuted the colorful cover art for the album, which drops June 5 on Capitol.

Lead Beach Boys Brian Wilson and Mike Love also sat down for an interview with Fallon, in which they taught the Late Night host the harmonization for “Barbara Ann.” Love remained very complimentary of Wilson’s legendary harmonization skills, while Fallon seemed in awe of both musicians.

Discussing the title of their new single and album, Love showed his love for the radio format, even revealing, “I’m always listening to see if they’ll play a Beach Boys song.” Wilson, meanwhile, shared a story about meeting Elvis in a recording studio in the 1960s, at which time he inexplicably karate-chopped the music legend.

The Beach Boys’ reunion tour – in honor of their 50th anniversary as a band – rolls on with two shows in NYC tonight and tomorrow.

–Jillian Mapes, CBS Local


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