Girl Designs Her Own Prom Dress From Soda Tops

Prom is a pretty big deal. And the dress can make or break the night. Well if your one girl from Colorado getting ready for prom meant collecting for months, then building your own dress.

Regan Kerr a Junior at a Colorado high school decided she wanted to make a dress that was unique and special. So she gathered over 5,000 pop tops off soda can and made her own dress.

She sewed each of the small aluminum pieces together on her own. It took her five months to finish the project. But she got it done five days before her prom.

The dress didn’t come without complications. it proved to be heavier than she thought so she had to add straps and the zipper in the back proved difficult.

“The zipper in the back became a problem because you have to sew around it and make sure you’re not interfering with the zipper,” Regan told 9 News. “The colored pop tabs became kind of interesting.”

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