McDonald’s Puts Out Pretzel Burger

If McDonald’s stopped you on the street and told you to create something for their menu what would you do? A tough question no doubt. But in Germany the resounding answer was the ‘Pretzelnator’.

The fast food restaurant asked the German people to submit recipes for a new burger and then vote on the best one. McDonald’s got over 330,000 entries and over five million votes.

The winner was the ‘Pretzelnator’. It will be available at the 1,415 German restaurants across the country. The Burger is the pretzel bun, American and Italian cheeses, a burger patty, ham, lettuce, onions and mayonnaise.

pretzel burger McDonalds Puts Out Pretzel Burger

The Pretzelnator (courtsey McDonald's Germany)

So what would you suggest to Mickey D’s? Tell us in the comments.

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