Australian Billionaire Wants To Rebuild The Titanic

This year marks 100 years since the Titanic took her disastrous maiden voyage, and one man wants to rebuild the lost ocean liner. Australian mining magnate and budding politician Clive Palmer has high hopes for the “Ship of Dreams.”

Palmer has signed an agreement with a state-owned Chinese ship building company to construct the Titanic II. The new ship will be built as close to original specifications as possible. The only difference, however, will be the addition of the latest technology for navigation and safety.

Aside from the technology to see icebergs on still moonless nights, everything else on Titanic will be crafted to look like the original ship. Imagine standing on the Grand Staircase like Jack and Rose in James Cameron’s epic film.

Once completed, the Titanic II will embark on it’s maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City in 2016.


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