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Couple Catches Foul Ball At Rangers Game And Sparks Ire From Yankees Announcer

During the 8th inning of last night’s Rangers vs Yankees game, Mitch Moreland tossed a foul ball into the crowd. The ball is caught by an adult couple a few rows back, but it’s what they refused to do that inspired a Yankees announcer to vilify them during the live broadcast.

Moral of the Story: Practice good ballpark etiquette by donating caught balls to nearest kid.

  • jumpingpolarbear

    It’s a tough life out there son :).

  • Muff

    I don’t think the couple did anything wrong and although I like Michael Kay, I think Michael kay got carried away with his comments.

  • Connie Jeffery

    Yankees announcer was way out of line! Shannon and Shawn are an EXTREMELY generous, giving, couple and have done nothing but WONEDERFUL THINGS, including countless sacrifices for MANY children. Don’t be so quick to judge people!
    I’m sorry, but did lil Johnny’s daddy make the catch? NO! How do you know that they WEREN’T going to give it to him – they just wanted to take a pix. It’s not their fault that a Ranger threw up another ball. Patience people, patience.

  • Liz Carroll

    I could understand disappointment if the child were older, and competing for the ball. I think the kid might have been crying at 3 because Mom most likely flinched, and folks are eager to pounce upon the couple that did get the ball. When did it become wrong for adults to be fans, to keep a ball or token they caught, and why do children have rights to things they are not due just because they are kids.

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